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Corridor Conversations is a one day symposium for design research students across the UK.  The aim of the event is to bring together those carrying out research about and through design, with the aim of growing a research community.

This symposium will take an alternative approach to academic conferences focusing on discussions and actions, oppose to traditional formal paper presenting. We believe this will add real-time value for the participants through the promotion of activities involving ‘thinking outside the box’ of traditional settings. Programme examples are, namely;

  • Running a ‘Peering Research’ session enhancing connectivity and knowledge exchange.
  • To undergo ‘Lab’ sessions enabling participants to receive valuable feedback on a pre-submitted project question or workshop ideas of their choice.

We believe these peer-to-peer activities will act as a soundboard for participants, as allocated time will be devoted to individuals pre-submitted pieces. All feedback forms and ideas discussed can be taken home in physical form.

Application Deadline: Friday 31st May 2019.

 Please feel free to contact to symposium team on if you have any questions.