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This is placement opportunity for a scoping exercise for a potential exhibition on medieval medicine with Dr Christina Lee (University of Nottingham, School of English).  During the placement,  the candidate would be required to look through the holdings of the Manuscripts and Special Collections of the University of Nottingham to identify manuscripts which contain information on  Medical knowledge (anatomy, remedies), Discussions of illness and healing, Healing options (such as bloodletting etc., Plants, Regimen, Descriptions of illness, Discussions of ‘science’ (auspicious days, prognostics).  During the placements, you will have a weekly meeting with Dr Lee to discuss progress and to guide you in your search.

This is an amazing opportunity for a self-motivated student to provide ideas and material for the content of a potential exhibition. You will gain an insight into the process of curating material for an exhibition, developing its narrative and design as well as hands on experience of working with galleries and museums and support the procurement of loans for the purpose of the proposed exhibition.

Skills, knowledge or experience needed:

You will need to be organised, self-directed and have a good understanding of medieval manuscripts and medieval culture. Ideally, you will have previous experience with Paleography, Medieval Latin, and Old/Middle English.

Timeframe to consider:

This is an employability placement and you can develop a project brief that entails up to 3 months work on this project. Ideally, this will be completed by September 2019.

Contact Information:

If this is the sort of placement you have been looking for, or want to discuss this possibility further, please contact Christina Lee: