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We are inviting PhD Researchers engaging with Black Studies, Black British Studies and related subjects to make an Abstract or Poster submission by: 8 March 2019.

Symposium date: Friday, 31st May 2019

Symposium location: Birmingham, UK

Anticipating Black Futures is an interdisciplinary symposium that will consider the futures of Black people in Britain by responding to the lived experiences of now.

In a nation where Black pasts are erased and the present is under threat, how do we begin conceptualising the future? This symposium responds to this curiosity by raising questions about the meanings of Black identities in Britain from this moment of post- Windrush and pre- Brexit. By anticipating the future Black possibilities we can articulate contemporary realities and theorise how to move forward in the present hostile environment.

By legitimising anticipation of the future as a research premise this symposium aims to articulate what it means to be Black in Britain by looking into future possibilities. The symposium will not only benefit those studying Black Studies and its related subjects. It will serve as a platform to further interests across Britain by being open to students in the arts, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines.

See below for full submission guidelines and event updates:


Twitter: @blackfuturesuk