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A symposium on constructing character and identity

in real and fictional worlds

10th May 2019

Language allows us to engage with others and provides a means through which we can project and reveal our character and identity to the world. It also provides a means through which we can attribute the characteristics of other people, both real and fictional. We regard literary and everyday use of language as a continuum and we are interested in research that spans the interface between literary and non-literary texts. Our symposium, therefore, seeks to explore questions such as:

• What are the similarities, continuities, and differences in the representations of real-life and fictional people?

• Can textual representations of real people and fictional characters be analysed in the same way?

• What can literary and non-literary disciplines learn from each other’s approaches?

We invite abstracts for 20-minute papers and are particularly looking for contributions that explicitly attempt to link assumptions and/or practices from related disciplines and illustrate such links through specific textual analysis.

Relevant approaches include (but are not limited to):

• Stylistics

• Cognitive poetics

• (Critical) Discourse analysis

• Pragmatics

• Sociolinguistics

Those interested in participating should submit an abstract of around 300 words and up to five keywords by Friday 1st February 2019. Abstracts should be submitted as a Word attachment and sent to (please remember to include your name and affiliation).

Participants will be notified by Friday 1st March and registration will be open from this date.

The Stylistics & Discourse Analysis Reading Group