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We are seeking others to help develop a CDF application for a symposium/exploratory event around the theme of cultural democracy.

Arts Council England recently published its ‘Cultural Democracy in Practice’ report, sparking debate in professional and academic circles:

We are developing an event that brings together some of the key players in this debate. This includes industry professionals, artists, activists and academics. So far, agreed in principle, speakers include:

ACE CEO Darren Henley -

Dr Steven Hadley -

Dr Stephen Pritchard -

Prof Elenore Belfiore -

Stella Duffy -

Peter Stark -

Mohammed Ali -

The event will explore issues relating to;

  • Equality of access to cultural production and consumption
  • Cultural Value 
  • Methods of distributing cultural resources
  • The role of artists in social contexts/public life – instrumental, aesthetic etc
  • Role of grassroots creative practice in relation to cultural policy

This project has 4 core aims

To gather a range of perspectives, opinions and approaches to the distribution of cultural value.

To explore the practicability of cultural democracy.

To connect the M3C/M4C academic research community with cultural workers and public at neighborhood level.

  1. To stimulate collaborative approaches to cultural production at neighborhood level.

This is a draft sketch to get started. We welcome ideas and involvement of others to help us develop the event further.

If this is relevant to your research and/or you would like to be involved, please contact