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Are some approaches and pathways favoured more than others? How does research that deviates
from traditional practice enact its criticality? Do institutional or other boundaries affect/effect your
research? Can questioning the familiar elicit the unfamiliar? Is provocation necessary to re/define
your research territory? Does defining your research confine your research? How can addressing
these sorts of questions provide possibilities for the Arts and Humanities more broadly?

The Beyond Borders book will form an innovative transdisciplinary, cross-cultural and experimental
textual space that traverses (creative) research disciplines to reflect individual research
approaches, methodologies, ways of articulation and more. As the many intersecting fields of Arts
& Humanities research have evolved, so too has its inherent complexity and its propensity to push
the parameters of research itself.

This publication seeks to make visible and reflect on the pathways, roots and routes vital to
undertaking Arts and Humanities research. In doing so, it aims to explore the boundaries of writing,
the printed text and academia by bringing to the fore the many articulations, provocations and
performativities that underpin Arts & Humanities research.

The editors invite contributions that engage with these themes, questions and provocations in the
context of the Arts & Humanities that revolve around all edges of research, including:

• Method, process, mess
• Knowledge economies and epistemologies
• (Artistic) practice and praxis
• Creativity, experimentation, failure and risk
• Performativity
• Articulation and dissemination