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The University of Leicester’s Medieval Research Centre is pleased to announce this Autumn Term’s schedule of Tuesday Research Seminars. These Research Seminars are fora for discussing new
research, research ideas and current debates in the field of medieval studies, whether historical, art historical, architectural, archaeological, literary or numismatic, from AD 500-1550. This block of fortnightly talks has the theme of ‘Late Antique and Early Medieval Royalty’:


  • 23 October – The Slave Queens of the Merovingians: (Un)Freedom, Gender, and Political Agency in Early Medieval Francia - Dr Erin Dailey (School of History, Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester)

  • 6 November – The Men Who Would be King: Moorish Rulers in Late Antiquity- Dr Andy Merrills (School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester)

  • 20 November – The Elephant in the Room: Harun al-Rashid and the Carolingians- Dr Samuel G. Ottewill-Soulsby (University of Cambridge)