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Invitation extended to M3C Students

March 2018 (26th or 28th) at the British Library, London

Students are invited to participate in one of three seminars at the British Library in March 2018 to discuss and explore British Library research collections and resources.

The seminars are an opportunity to meet BL curators, reference specialists and collaborative PhD students for an inside view on the Library’s collection and research resources. Bringing together researchers working in the Reading Rooms and curators and collaborative PhDs working ‘behind the scenes’, each seminar will explore different aspects of the broad theme of space and spatial research. As befits a collection that covers 3,000 years – from some of the earliest written records to the born-digital websites, archives and publications of the present day – and which includes material in almost all languages, a wide variety of research angles will be under discussion – driven largely by the interests and expertise of the participants. We are particularly keen to hear from PhD researchers who are already using the BL or who plan on doing so in the near future.

Deadline for applications:  Friday 28 February. Please use the form at the end of this page to apply for a place