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The 2018 Midlands3Cities Research Festival will be held on 24 May 2018, Maple House, 150 Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6TB.

This is a fantastic opportunity for M3C DTP students to showcase the excellent research that is taking place within the DTP.  Drawing on the sense of a festival as a celebration of research, this event will represent the full range of research interests across all cohorts in the DTP including writing, performance, photography and art produced by practice-led researchers. We will be inviting the new award holders (Cohort 5), supervisors, and representatives from partner organisations to meet you and to see the breadth of M3C research.

 How to Participate:

Consider presenting a poster that clearly describes your research, or presenting an aspect of your research including practice based research and performance in a research relay, or through a digital story. Your research has the potential to have impact, participating will raise your profile and help you develop key communication and presentation skills, network with other researchers and build your profile.

Attendance is compulsory and the programme provides plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate including:

 Poster presentations: produce a poster of an aspect of your research, your work with a partner organisation, a placement you have completed or some of your research findings in a clear and creative way for a public audience.

  • A research relay presentation: this is a fast paced series (relay) of 5 minute talks on a subject connected to your research, your methodology, research findings, your placement or work with a partner organisation.
  • Photography and art to display in an exhibition space.
  • Performance piece: music recital, drama, dance or poetry reading from practice based PhDs.
  • Digital storytelling: if you would like to produce a short film or power point presentation which will be exhibited in the exhibition space.
  • Group presentations: opportunity to report back on a CDF initiative which has successfully taken place or present an initiative which is at the planning stage.
  • Festival support: setting up on  the day, welcoming delegates.
  • Providing technical support: acting as a conference reporters to provide post event material, tweeting and providing social media presence throughout the day.

 We invite all M3C students who would like to get involved in the Research Festival to complete the participation form by noon on Friday 2nd February by following this link.